New Year’s Message – SUV Chair

Happy New Year!

The start of 2017 offers the opportunity to express the appreciation of
the Section Bureau of the ICA/SUV to all of the SUV members for your
ongoing support of our work.

For the coming year, we already have exciting things planned for you.
The programme themes for the late August SUV Conference in Riga, Latvia
have already been announced and the call for proposals is waiting for your
responses (see

Meanwhile, a few weeks ago we received word that the ICA Programme
Commission has awarded SUV funding to hold a mid-year future strategic
planning meeting.  Sometime in mid-February, we will convene to talk about
how best to guarantee SUV’s future, expand its leadership, and consider
how SUV can be productively involved in ICA’s Africa Programme.

Over the coming year we will also shape plans for the theme of SUV’s 2018
conference in Salamanca, Spain.

With all of this happening, please stay tuned.  As always, do not hesitate
to e-mail or post queries via our listserv, blog, or LinkedIn connections.

In closing, I would like to offer my hopes that 2017 will be a wonderful
and productive year for your archives and for you personally.

William J. Maher
International Council on Archives Section on University and Research
Institution Archives (ICA/SUV)

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