What Value Do Historical Records in University Archives Add to Universities?

The image shows participants at the combined conference of CAU and ICA-SUV 2018, held at the University of Salamanca from October 3-5, 2018. The conference theme was: “What Value Do Historical Records in University Archives Add to Universities?”

The conference began with the inaugural lecture “The Archives in the University: Reflections on the Archive of the University of Salamanca” by Miguel Ángel Jaramillo Guerreira, Director of the University Archives of Salamanca.  Meeting at the University of Salamanca at the time of its 800th anniversary, the conference was held at the University of Salamanca (the Faculty of Translation and Documentation and the Faculty of Geography and History) in the historical center of Salamanca.

The conference topics included: the identity of the university archives, the archives in the university community, management of university historical records, and the dissemination of university archival heritage. In 51 presentations and 15 panels, participating archivists and records managers from Spanish and international universities (ranging from Dubai, Colombia, Hong Kong, to Australia and the US) as well as companies presented and discussed archival issues related to our work, including different national and cultural traditions, and how these historical records are an essential part of the heritage and institutional memory of the university itself.

Both the Annual Assembly of the Conference of Archivists of the Spanish Universities (CAU/CRUE) and the ICA/SUV Annual General Business Meeting were held during the conference.

For more information, please visit: http://eventum.usal.es/16709/section/10279/conferencia-de-archiveros-de-las-universidades-espanolas-cau.html

Attendees at ICA-SUV & CAU 2018 Conference

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