Archival internship opportunity in Heidelberg

emblWe would like to share an internship opportunity that might be of ineterest to our subscribers. EMBL Archive (Heidelberg, Germany) is looking for an Assistant Archivist to process an oral history project.

The Assistant Archivist will be working with the audio files and transcripts of the 30+ oral history interviews held by the EMBL Archive. The audio files will need to be checked for quality. The transcripts will need to be checked for accuracy. This will involve proofreading, fact checking and research. A short summary of each interview needs to be prepared. The audio files and transcripts will need to be catalogued and made accessible as appropriate. This will include working with some confidential files.

This is a training position intended to provide the experience needed to find a job in archives or to gain a place on a post-graduate course in archives.

More information about the organization and the position can be found here:

Feel free to share with your students or anyone who might be interested.


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