The Section Bureau of the ICA-SUV invites its members and interested non-members to contribute to its blog. This platform is intended to increase communication as well as promote and highlight activities being carried out within university and research institution archives.

Some suggested topics include:

  • Relevant conference summaries
  • Archive events including anniversaries and other milestones
  • Archives Awareness Month activities/International Archives Day activities
  • Projects including any successes and any failures
  • Innovations and use of new technologies
  • Professional issues including archival theories and practice, ethics or social responsibility
  • Training and other initiatives

Not sure if your topic seems like it will fit our blog? Contact us and we can talk about it.

How long should a post be?
Posts can be short and sweet with a recommended 150-500 words or no more than two paragraphs in length.

If you want to write a longer blog post though, get in touch and we can discuss it!

Can an image be attached?
Yes. Images will draw greater attention to your post so we encourage you to add relevant image(s) to accompany your entry.  Images should be in JPEG format and in a resolution no lower than 150 and no higher than 300 dpi.

Where to submit my blog post and image?
All submissions should be forwarded to the SUV Blog Coordinator, Nicola Laurent (Australia), via email as a Word document.

Please include your full name, position, institution and its location when submitting your entries.

I can’t wait to read and share your blog post!